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Get to know Pingtung

Pingtung is located in the southernmost point of Taiwan. The name Pingtung means “east of Banping mountain”, referring to a nearby mountain known as mountain east of Kaohsiung. With an area of 2,775.6003 square kilometers, Pingtung is the longest county in western Taiwan. It has 33 townships with a total population of approximately 800,000 people. The distance between the north and the south is more than 100 kilometers. With the Dawu Mountain at an altitude of 3,092 meters, it is the only county in Taiwan facing the Pacific Ocean, the Bashi Strait, and the Taiwan Strait at the same time. Furthermore, it is fulfilled with magnificent mountains and sea sceneries, but also is rich in natural resources.





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The most Taiwanese city

Pingtung County

Mountains and Sea that can only be seen from Pingtung


Pingtung County is divided into four types of terrain: plains, mountains, bays, and peninsulas. There is Kenting National Park, two national scenic spots in Maolin and Dapeng Bay, Taiwan Indegenous Peoples Cultural Park and Liudui Hakka Cultural Park. Besides, it also has 2 Forest Parks in Kenting and Shuangliu, as well as Linhou Silin Flat Forest Park in Chaozhou. Furthermore, there are Sichongxi Hot Spring, 11 Hakka villages, 9 aboriginal villages, and a coral island outlying - Liuqiu Island. From the natural ecology to the cultural scenery, only when you come to Pingtung can you enjoy this unique natural beauty.

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