Family Fun

Warm up your holiday with your family and lover! Choose a farm with safety screenings and camping venues and spend time with family and friends in the natural environment. Pingtung has a well-developed agricultural industry and prosperous tourism industry. Through farm experiences and camping activities, visitors can experience fruit-picking, DIY, and camping activities on the farm.


Slate House Leisure Farm

Slate House Leisure Farm is located in Majia Township, Pingtung County. The owner is now operating Qinglu B&B on the farm, close to Jiayi Village and Fawan Village. It is located at the foot of Mt. Liding, nearby Yingda Ecological Leisure Farm.


Slate House Leisure Farm can be accessed from the existing Pingtung County Road 185 (mountainside road) adjoining Taiwan Provincial Highway 24. It is 10-minute driving distance away from Changzhi Interchange on No. 3 National Highway and 25-minute driving distance away from Pingtung City.



Slate House is slowly and cautiously operated. Although there is no luxury equipment or twinkling neon lights, there is turf that has been carefully cultivated for 20 years. In order to share resources with the black storks, the native species of trees are planted without bringing wasteland under cultivation. We believe sharing and coexistence without destroying or indiscriminate cutting to be the only rule. Slate House Leisure Farm is a place like a paradise. Everyone is welcomed to visit Slate House Leisure Farm, which is very suitable for stargazing, camping, and so on.

Slate House Leisure Farm Information:

Contact Person:邱秀梅



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Genyuan Ecological Leisure Farm

“There are people coming to guidi” is a saying on a welcome plate of Genyuan Ecological Leisure Farm. “Guidi” refers to a precious land that is maintained with the natural laws and regulations.

When you enter the farm, the warm sea breezes and the vast parkland provide a natural and comfortable atmosphere. There are a series of in-depth tourism activities on the farm, including organic farms, ecological guides, and the human and natural landscapes of the Shenye Tribe. This will not only give you valuable ecological knowledge but also help you further understand the beauty of Hengchun.


In addition to the natural environment, the whole environment of the farm is also endowed with antique flavors: what comes into view are the ancient cabinets, tables and chairs, lotus ponds, cow carts, stone mills, and red brick houses. Everywhere is an elegant scene.

The barley composting method has changed the soil of the farm, and it has grown organic farm products certified by the COA to be legally registered. In conjunction with seasons, we provide experience packages of fruit picking and organic agriculture, where you can travel on the farm leisurely, interact with animals on the grass, and enjoy a worry-free rural experience in a tropical southern city.





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Mango House

Mango House is located at 452.5 km of No.1 Provincial Road. It is located on a hillside, with views of the mountains, the blue sea, and the coastal scenery of southern Taiwan. An ensemble of worms and birds is pleasing to the ear. It is a place where you can calm your mind and refresh your understanding of the beautiful nature.


Fangshan boasts Aiwen mangoes as the main economic product, and Fangshan Leisure Farm features sightseeing orchards. Fangshan mangoes are harvested well in April, featuring a red and yellow chewy flesh and enjoying a title of "Sun Fruit." Apple mangoes are as red as apples, having a heavy aroma and tasting sweet and chewy. Because of suitable natural conditions for the growth of mangoes, like long natural sunshine, high temperature, abundant rainfall, winds blowing down the mountain, the mangoes here are sweeter and richer in color.


The farm occupies an area of ​​1.9726 hectares. Besides planting tropical fruits such as mangoes, litchis, and longans, it also cultivates more than 40 species of South Taiwanese trees, such as five-stamens China laurels, ivory trees, Indian barringtonia, Chinese pistache, Taiwan date palms, etc., which attract many birds to live and multiply.


When you visit the farm, the owner will guide you personally to show you how hard it is to grow and pick the mangoes. This is also a collaborative gathering place for the Production and Marketing Group. Fangshan mangoes are recommended as the gift of choice by netizens. There are not only sweet and attractive fresh mangoes but also dried mangoes, and mango ice cream. If you care for nature, freshness and delicious food, Fangshan Leisure Farm is worth your visit.




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A-shin Choco Farm

Located in the tropical and ecologically rich Hengchun Peninsula, A-shin Choco Farm  is Taiwan's only leisure and tourism farm with the theme of chocolate, plant ecology and DIY activities. It covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters and has more than 300 cacao trees and 20,000 seedlings of cacao on its broad farm. You can actually experience every step in the development of chocolate from seedlings, trees, fruits to finished products.

There are also an aromatic and fragrant vanilla flower fields, a farmer's market selling seasonal farm products, a sunset bar overlooking Guanshan Sunset, and a DIY classroom that can accommodate about 200 people, all of which constitute the "Chocolate World" of food, housing, education and amusement.


Zeng Zhongxin, founder of Mudanwan Leisure Management Consultancy Co., Ltd. and a joint service provider, said: "The establishment of A-shin Choco Farm helps the tourism industry in Kenting have more varieties in addition to playing in the water."
Located in Kenting, Pingtung, near the Pingtung Marine Museum and across from the YOHO Beach Resort, A-shin Choco Farm is the only leisure and tourism farm with the theme of chocolate, plant ecology, and DIY activities in Taiwan. You can experience a natural leisure experience apart from the ocean when visiting the passionate southern Taiwan!


The moment you step into the farm, you and your child can comfortably get close to the earth and feel the vanilla sensation of full sunlight; explore the mysteries of chocolate from growing to DIY production in the fruitful cacao forest.

Exclusive patented design plant pots are good-looking, user-friendly and easy for cleaning. Inspired by the shape of natural farmland, the pots can be arranged next to each other, which saves the indoor space effectively. The pots can drain, ventilate, and moisten the soil inside the basin without an external chassis. You can select your favorite seedlings on the farm, paint the unique style of planting and pack the sunshine and greenery home!




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DaMorLee Eco-friendly Leisure Farm

On the feeder road of Ligang Township, Pingtung, there is a paradise-like hidden garden, DaMorLee Eco-friendly Leisure Farm! John, the owner of the farm, is a Canadian Taiwanese son-in-law who has settled in Taiwan. He respects the natural and ecological environment. Therefore, when planning DaMorLee Eco-friendly Leisure Farm, he also brought this idea into the establishment of the farm.

The couple worked together to build from scratch, turning the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal. The current building on the farm is a “paper house” built with paper materials. They produced paper pulp with waste newspaper and mixed the pulp with cement to build a series of  "newspaper houses," which have become the specialty of the farm that attracts tourists!


 In addition to environmental protection, the “newspaper houses” are also soundproof. Above all, it is shock-proof. Because the foundation is stable and the house is very light, newspaper houses do not shake when an earthquake comes.


It was not difficult to build the newspaper houses, but it took much time. Six buildings have been built on the farm. The first building is used for illustration in teaching. The second Japanese house is built with doors and windows of old Japanese houses, as well as recycled paper bricks. The third building is a restaurant, Belly House, decorated with wine bottles. The fourth Mongolian house was completed with tourists. The fifth building is a barrier-free restroom. The sixth building is a house made of iron and paper bricks. Each building has different characteristics.


Shelly, the hostess, likes baking, such as hand baked kiln pizza and handmade kiln toast. If you stay longer, you can also do it yourself, enjoying working together to complete a pizza. In addition to enjoying the quiet and leisurely life of the manor, the farm also offers a flavorful meal service!

Here you can learn a lot of environmental protection concepts, and the farm owners are enthusiastic and conscientious, willing to share everything, which encourages visitors to come again. " DaMorLee " also represents a spirit of sharing, enthusiasm, and respect for everything in the world. You are wholeheartedly welcomed to the field.




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Jia Xing Ostrich Leisure Farm

Jia Xing Ostrich Leisure Farm is the first ostrich leisure farm in Taiwan. You can watch everything from incubation of eggs, the birth of young ostriches to the growth of ostriches. Here, there are not only ostrich breeding but also bird breeding, ostrich meat trading, ostrich food promotion and research and development, as well as production, development, sales of ostrich related products.


When you enter the farm, the right side is the "base camp" for ostriches. There are areas for young birds, meat birds and breeding birds. The ostriches in the meat bird areas are not afraid of strangers and have mild temperament. Visitors can experience the fun of feeding ostriches by themselves. Although the farm is diversified, it still focuses on breeding and fostering ostriches. There are also ostrich boutique department and the creative art painting area of ostrich eggs. The ostrich boutique sells leather goods, leather bags, shoes, cosmetics and handmade soaps, essential oils, health products, etc.


Jia Xing Ostrich Leisure Farm has entered its 20th year in 2017. It is the most professional ostrich farm and breeds more than 600 young birds every year through the research and development of livestock breeding technologies such as breeding, egg production, hatching, feeding, and cultivating. People who love birds should not miss it. This is a paradise for ostrich lovers.




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 Located in Chaozhou township, Pingtung County, The One and Only Crocodile Zoological Farm is the largest crocodile farms in Taiwan with the most species. The crocodilians here include: saltwater crocodiles, African crocodiles, tail crocodiles, Malaysia crocodiles, New Guinea crocodiles, Kaimen glasses crocodiles, etc. The number of crocodilians is as large as one thousand, which is truly eye-opening!


The owner of the farm was engaged in the breeding of pigs in the early years. In order to deal with the problem of the pig placenta, he began to study crocodiles and gradually began to operate the crocodile farm. The owner advocates preservation of crocodile habitats and the value provided by crocodiles, hoping to arouse everyone’s concerns about the survival of wild animals.


In addition to crocodile breeding, there are many kinds of animals, plants, insects and birds on the farm: bunnies, guinea pigs, turkeys, mini-pigs, goats, bullfrogs and turtles, etc. You will enjoy the fun of interacting with small animals! You can also see sheep and crocodile living in the "dancing with sheep and crocodiles," and experience the super-stimulating thrills and compete with crocodiles. It is the best choice for outdoor teaching of natural ecology!

Besides seeing all types of crocodiles, there are also cute animals such as goats, wild boars, turkeys, snapping turtles, peacocks and Taiwan turtles. You will definitely know more about the rich animal ecology when you come to The One and Only Crocodile Zoological Farm.

In addition to watching crocodile and other animals, the farm's focus is on leisure facilities and activities for visitors to enjoy or participate in, including the Crocodile Ecological Exhibition Hall, barbecue area, game area, garden-style karaoke, crocodile feeding, and playing with cute animals. If you are interested or have the courage to try the taste of crocodile meat, there are crocodile specialties here, which are quite a different attempt.




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