Accommodation in Pingtung

Top 10 B&Bs

When traveling, in addition to enjoying the scenery and tasting good food, it is more important to have a comfortable and safe place to stay. The Pingtung County Government has held a vote for the top ten finest boarding houses to provide you with better options for your trip. In addition to this, you can find more options from the TaiwanStay Website to meet your needs.


Extreme Homestay

Over the past three years, Extreme Homestay has been concentrating on the use of environmental protection green energy in each corner. Extreme Homestay provides the most luxurious equipment in a detailed way, keeping the homey feeling with passion and thoughtfulness, which is the mantra of B&Bs.

Double room → A spacious pure white room decorated with romantic pink and purple clouds. The special floating bed frame and light veil create the feeling in the clouds.

Four-person room → simple green atmosphere and a large balcony where guests can have a chat and space out.

VIP Four-person room → Exclusive stairs leading up to the modern design. Playful, spacious and yuppie design with red, black and white dots. A comfortable top island tour for you to enjoy.

Six-person room→ An extension of sea views with fresh blue sky, white clouds, sandy beaches, and coconut trees. Considerate design of a separate washing space. Convenient for many people who travel together.






Bonjour Bébé

Bonjour Bébé is located on the hills of Guanshan and overlooks the Hengchun Rift Valley, Dajian Mountain, and Mt. Dashanmu with a magnificent view. The park is planted with various tree species and is rich in ecology. It is a place suitable for relaxation and a short rest.

The exterior of the building is like manor in south France. Based on green building techniques, the indoor lofty ceilings and large floor-to-ceiling windows allow air to flow naturally within the house. It also houses many creative and design hand-made furniture and interior paintings involving traditional and complicated latching. Each piece is radiated with a unique wood fragrance to create a feel of the countryside and the homestay.

In addition to the parent-child toys in the attic space, the room is decorated in a simple style with a light and gentle color. Each room has a terrace and a natural sulfur spring water bath. The garden, courtyard and diverse facilities make children enjoy themselves. There is daily freshly made breakfast with organic vegetables from local small farmers to provide the freshest diet, allowing travelers from all over the places to release their minds comfortably and at ease.






True Friends Eco Inn

True Friends Eco Inn is located at No. 153 Zhongshan Road, Ryukyu Township. Walking into True Friends Eco Inn, what you will see are the eye-catching turtle on the wall and the wooden doorplate of “Good Turtle Accommodation” on the wall. The hotel uses environmentally-friendly building materials and provide environmentally friendly shower gels and shampoos rather than disposable toiletries. In addition, the design of the room is based on the eco-friendly concept.

Culture- Little Ryukyu four-person room is made up of the old name of the island.

In Eco-Hermit Crab four-person room, the wall reads, "Please leave nothing except your footprints; take away nothing except photographs."

Environmental Protection - Ocean Superman Double Room. Marine Volunteer Team regularly cleans marine debris and maintains marine ecology.

Staying and participating in an eco-guided tour can help everyone understand the culture of Little Ryukyu and reminded of the importance of environmental awareness. Our strength is small, but we hope that our friends will be able to maintain the land that has nurtured our growth and transform it into a great energy and protect the precious island of Little Ryukyu.







The Tree B&B

Looking out from the hotel, the scenery of the mountains and sea can be seen at a glance from the north of Hengchun, Nanwan, Kenting, Chuanfan Rock and Eluanbi Lighthouse. In the morning, you can overlook the scenery of the east peninsula, with the sunrise in front of the eyes; in the evening, you can carry out parent-child activities on the big turf in the boarding house. You can also walk from the Guansan hill line by yourself to taste the local snacks, or feel free to enjoy one of the world's top ten sunsets according to CNN’s report from a good viewing place.

There are 7 rooms in The Tree B&B, including 4 rooms for 2 persons, 2 rooms for 4 persons, and 1 room for 3 persons. Each room is different in names and interior decorations, but they are all decorated with a large number of driftwood like Taiwanese cypress, zelkova or camphora. The moving furniture is their hand-made works. Blue Snow, Green Maple and Boxwood are located on the first floor, featuring semi-outdoor space and the large grassland outside the room so that the visiting children can have more space for activities; Hawthorn, Summer Orange, Aster and  Red Cypress are located on the second and third floors with better views.

Enjoy our daily healthy hand-made breakfast. In addition to homemade bread and jam, vegetables of the season are made into healthy and delicious breakfast. Above all, the breakfast will remind you of dishes made by your mom.

The original intention of design is to use hand-made furniture as the core concept, combined with mother's manual patchwork as a link, which constitutes the feeling of a home. Every piece of hand-made furniture on the display is through continuous practice. Growing from failures and lessons, we continuously improve the precision and uniqueness of each work. Being able to share the wonderful process with travelers is my honor and pride.






Amerita Green Retreat

The construction space, interior design and courtyard installation art are all completed by the couple owners. To build a bed and breakfast, the host obtained certificates for water and electricity engineering and woodworking. The hostess designed dyeing cloth, hand-painted murals, and space art decoration. The rooms are warm, rustic, elegant and comfortable. Nandina and Iris are four-person suites. Under the circumstance of artistic drawings, a Scandinavian Nordic style is delicately presented.

Yellow Cypress is a retro style of the natural forest recreated under the creative design of Taiwan's old wood. The exterior of the property is an imitation of water model building and the roof is covered with solar panels to generate electricity. It is an environmental education field with green energy output value. The overall design is oriented towards the four major directions of green buildings, integrating environmental protection concepts of ecology, energy saving, waste reduction, and health.

Natural, peaceful, elegant and relaxing, this is a natural and artistic space full of love and harmony. Birds, frogs, worms, winds, rain, and water bring you away from the city and make you return to nature and humbly learn from nature. Live, eat, walk, and breathe slowly, and you will perceive the ins and outs in slowness.






Bora Bora Bed & Breakfast

Bora Bora Bed & Breakfast provides rooms for two, four, and six people with a style based on the concept of South Pacific.

The dark and secluded courtyard features the plant landscape and gives a different style from other B&Bs in Kenting. In addition, there are two-person, four-person and six-person rooms specially prepared for children, allowing them to sleep at ease. An oversized parking lot is provided in the homestay so that guests do not have to worry about the safety and parking of the car.


The restaurant on the first floor dining area is very spacious and respectable. It can accommodate about 20 people to eat at the same time. Here, the owner changes his recipe daily and makes delicious breakfast. With the rich main meals, salads, and fruits, the taste of happiness starts from breakfast!






Toutsu Gyoen

The exterior and room design of the property is the homeowner's experience of studying in Japan. Room type introduction: Japanese style double room: authentic Japanese design with the use of a large number of grille to separate the internal from the external areas. The use of single and double Japanese-style mattress on the tatami creates a thick Japanese style accommodation experience.


Western-style double room: modern Japanese style design with the use of grille to separate the inside from the outside movement area. The bed area features a large bed whose head is supplemented with a large number of grille elements to create a Japanese feeling.

Japanese-style three-person room: Japanese authentic design, supplemented with a sloping roof and dotted with a grille element. The bed area is a Japanese-style mattress with tatami. The Japanese-style family room for six persons: There are a living room and a bedroom. The bed area is paved with ​​large tatami mats. A six-person Japanese-style mattress is laid on top to provide a resting place for a family.






Moon Star Villa

The owner of the hotel even traveled to Spain for a study tour. After returning home, she carefully planned and created this unique “Moon Star Villa” with her sister. But the hostess sisters are not designers. Many things were disorganized until they were so lucky to hire the designer, Wang Zhen.

They told Wang their idea. After many discussions, the rooms feature many warm colors, and the use of color is quite bold. After entering the room, you will feel like being in a foreign country. The appearance of the room is special and cannot be completed by general construction methods. The owner of the hotel was very impressed with the specificity of Life of Pi, especially the feelings of the movie.  

Therefore, a film art team was particularly invited to complete the appearance of the use of GRC method (cement + glass fiber + steel). The villa is located on the old street of Ryukyu. With its dazzling geese yellow houses, the villa is unique on the old streets. Once inside the hotel lobby, you will be greeted by the colorful star-stained glass, the sun-like main lights, the mosaic tiles on the floor and the walkway full of small flowers. Does it make you feel like walking into a fantasy world?






Discovery Secret B&B

Anchored in the Qifeng Village beside Dapeng Bay, there is a ship full of dreams - Discovery in the secret alley.

   This ship is full of surprises as its name “Discovery.” The plain village is surrounded by unrivaled scenery. The nearby coastline and the rolling Dawu Mountain offer panoramic views of the mountains and the sea. The unique, conservative and bold design makes people feel like they are on a big ship. The silver-gray paint brush covers the entire thick wall. The dim yellow light has rendered the entire hall. The ingenious ornaments are even more impressive, creating the feeling of virtually being there.

The cordial, energetic and professional housekeeper group leads every sailor who dreams up and fights through the sturdy cabin door. Inside is a small world where sailors rest assured to sleep. Comfortable and clean beds provide sailors with the impetus for advancement.

Wake up and enjoy friendly smiles and bursts of bread scent. Freshly hand-made breakfast looks delicious and mouthwatering, providing the sailors with the source of vitality for the whole day. The comfortable and safe sailing is worth experiencing.







Amanda Hotel

A house with the theme of Moroccan court is located on Nanwan Road in Kenting. There are brick red sandstone walls, carved arches, columns, and scepter lamps throughout the gallery, and a courtyard where the atrium hangs a rotating copper lamp, all of which demonstrate the meaning of Moroccan Red City.

Walking into the lobby, you will be assisted in checking in by a little princess wearing a Middle Eastern costume, welcomed with the Middle East tea and date palms. There is a variety of Middle Eastern clothing for guests to feel the North African Moroccan style without going abroad.

The room features a splendid rose city and the sea of ​​pearls with a marine style. There are hanging Moroccan copper lamps which create beautiful shadows of flowers, the rose purple and coral grey walls embellished with special techniques, and retro old teak furniture with inlaid pearl shells. In the bath room are a separate shower room, a hand-made washbasin made of white marble, a terrazzo bathtub, a Venetian engraved mirror, and so on. In 2016, it was also certified by the Muslim Association of China Muslim Association.