Tourist Attractions

Ten attractions that you can’t miss

When a foreign friend visits Taiwan, which place do you recommend first? Among Pingtung City, Donggang, Chaozhou, Banten, Gaoshu, Sandimen, etc., there are many tourist sites for you to choose from. For those who are preparing for a trip to Pingtung, what follows is the introduction to the top 10 tourist attractions.

Kenting National Park

The scenery along the coastline to the southern tip of Taiwan is magnificent. If you come closer to the coastline, you will see breath-taking beautiful woods and forest parks. There are some coral beaches in the beautiful bay.

Important events that local people join in

Bring your foreign friends to Pingtung, and you may have a chance to participate in the Donggang Yingwang Peace Festival, the Wanjin Church Christmas Lights, the Sizhongxi Hot Spring Season, the Pingtung Agriculture Expo, the Donggang Salmon Season, or the Land Art Festival. You may wish to stay for one night and savor the special experience of local cultural activities.

The Ceremony of Peace and Tranquility for Welcoming the Lords


The triennial " Ying Wang Festival" has become an event for almost the whole town. The "King Boat Burning" ceremony has even pushed the atmosphere of this religious activity to the highest peak, creating a ceremonial culture known throughout Taiwan.


The residents of Donggang, who rely on the sea for their livelihood, believe that as long as they worship piously, Neptunian God Wen will surely bless the entire township. As Donglong Temple Ying Wang Ping'an Jidian shoulders the task of praying for blessings and disasters, they are obliged to abide by the rituals and ceremonies passed down during the Qingling Period. The festivals not only take a long time and are large in scale but also are always filled with solemn religious atmosphere. Among all the Taiwanese rituals, there is a compliment of “Xigang in the north, and Donggang in the south.”