Where is Pingtung?

Pingtung is located at the southernmost tip of Taiwan, covering the area on the east side of Banpingshan, Kaohsiung. The total area of Pingtung County is 2775.6003 square kilometers, and it is the narrowest county in western Taiwan. Pingtung has jurisdiction over a total of 33 townships and cities, with a total population of around 850,000. Pingtung is more than 100 kilometers long, leaning against Mt. Dawu, which has an elevation of 3,092 meters. Pingtung is the only county in Taiwan that faces the Pacific Ocean, the Bashi Channel, and the Taiwan Strait, boasting a magnificent landscape of mountains and seas and nurturing rich natural resources.

The Most Authentic Taiwanese Touring city – Pingtung County


Mountains and seas that can only be seen from Pingtung

Pingtung County consists of four types of terrains, namely plains, mountains, bays, and peninsula. There are Kenting National Park, two national scenic spots in Maolin and Dapeng Bay, the first level Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park and Liudui Hakka Cultural Park, two forest amusement parks in Kenting and Shuangliu, and Lin Hou Sil Lin Forest Park and Sizhongxi Hot Spring in Chaozhou, plus eleven Hakka townships, eight aboriginal townships, and one outlying island, Little Liuqiu township. Only by coming to Pingtung can you see the unique beauty from natural ecology to cultural scenery.

A trip to Pingtung is never complete without visiting Donggang


The attraction which one would regret missing

A trip to Pingtung is never complete without visiting Kenting. In addition to Kenting, Pingtung has 33 towns and cities from the north to south. Each township has its own unique sights, and only locals know how to get around. Those who enjoy traveling and checking out attractions should not miss them.

Enjoy the hospitality from warm gifts and considerable hearts in Pingtung


Hospitality in Pingtung Style

It’s like spring all year round in Pingtung, which contributes to its rich production of fish, rice and fruit. Products like wax apples, pineapples, bananas, lemons, mangoes, onions, candied dates, coffee, cacao all have reputable quality.

Souvenirs here are exquisite, diversified, and unique. There are well-known Wanluan pig trotters, Donggang three treasures, spring three treasures, as well as original craftsmanship. Come and hike on the mountains in Pingtung, visiting the seashores here, and buy a classic souvenir to share the good taste of Pingtung with family and friends.

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Accommodation in Pingtung

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