Tourism Brochure of Pingtung

咖     啡




The history of growing coffee trees in indigenous areas of Pingtung can be traced back to the period of Japanese rule (1895~1945). Recent years, there have been shops combining high quality coffee beans with well-preserved buildings, creating inviting atmosphere and relaxing space with the aroma of freshly brewed beverage for visitors to enjoy. Next time when you’re in Pingtung, make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to sip on a delicious cup of locally brewed coffee!



Chun-Jo Café


Nestled inside a well-preserved Japanesestyle house located on the quiet Tianjin Street, the Chun-Jo Café offers all the charm and flavor of premium coffee with the meticulous twist of a connoisseur. Boasting a wide range of single origin coffees to choose from, more discerning customers can sample rich brews in true comfort and tranquility.

Add:No. 6, Tianjin St., Pingtung City,Pingtung County, Taiwan



Coffeeing Café


In addition to specially selected quality coffee, all the handmade desserts are unskippable at Coffeeing Café, all delicately crafted and presented on beautiful crockery – promise a feast for both the taste buds and the eyes. Coffeeing Café also goes beyond anyone’s wildest coffee shop dreams with their exclusive menu item "shrimp dumplings in secret sauce".

Open:平日15:00-18:00、週六14:00-18:00( 每週日公休 )
Open:15:00-18:00 (Mon-Fri) and 14:00-18:00 on Sat. Closed on Sundays.
Add:屏東市豐榮街209 號 ( 旁邊空地)
Add:No. 209, Fengrong St., Pingtung City, Pingtung County, Taiwan (space aside)





If you’re a fan of reading, antiques and,of course, fine coffee, you can’t affordto pass by this vintage coffee shop. As you savor the rich atmosphere andlingering book-infused aromas, you’ll wish each moment could last forever.

Open:週一、二、五 11:00-22:00 六、日 10:00-22:00、週三、四公休
Open:11:00-22:00 Mon, T ue, Fri,10:00-22:00 Weekends and holidays. Closed on Wed and Thu
Add:屏東市福建路53 號
Add:No. 53, F ujian Rd., Pingtung City , Pingtung County , Taiwan



Iron Window Grill


This adorable little shop is ideal for those seeking some rustic charm. Beautifully decorated with dried flowers and having no fixed menu, the Iron Window Grill provides not only quality coffee and highly recommended specialties like premium ​Mariage Frères French tea, but also very pleasant daily surprises in the form of home made breads and desserts.

Open:週一、二、五 11:00-22:00六日 10:00-22:00、週三、四公休
Open:11:00-22:00 Mon, T ue, Fri 10:00-22:00 Weekends and holidays. Closed on Wed and Thu
Add:屏東市福建路53 號
Add:No. 53, F ujian Rd., Pingtung City , Pingtung County , Taiwan



Yamato Coffee

碾米廠老屋改建的玻璃咖啡屋,鄰近建於1919 年的竹田車站,搭配在地食材的咖啡與甜點,不僅揉合了時間與空間的更迭,更柔和了味道與記憶的美好。

Situated next to the Zhutian ("BambooField") Railway Station, which was built in 1919, the distinctive Yamato Coffee House is actually a remodeled old rice mill. Incorporating only the finest local ingredients, the coffee and dessert offered mingle harmoniously with the sweet memories of days gone by.

Open:週一、二、五 11:00-22:00,六日 10:00-22:00、週三、四公休
Open:11:00-22:00 Mon, T ue, Fri,10:00-22:00 Weekends and holidays. Closed on Wed and Thu
Add:屏東市福建路53 號
Add:No. 53, F ujian Rd., Pingtung City , Pingtung County , Taiwan



Sanpei Café


For an unforgettable taste of authentic Japanese culture, look no further than the Sanpei Café. With a Japanese manager that spares no effort to furnish and decorate the establishment according to each season, you will sure find a peaceful favorite corner against a range of stylish backdrops.

Open:週三、四、五 11:30-18:00、週一、六、日 11:30-20:00、週二公休
Open:11:30-18:00 (Wed, Thu & Fri)and 11:30-20:00 (Mon & Weekends). Closed every Tue
Add:屏東縣潮州鎮育才路86 號

Add:No. 86, Yucai Rd., Chaozhou Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan



Credit Union Base


A renovated historic bank built in the period of Japanese rule, this popular Hengchun ("Eternal Spring") attraction provides a multi-functional café, bar and souvenir shop all rolled into one. Visitors to the Credit Union can thus linger in lazy luxury to sip on locally crafted coffee, or enjoy the vibrant Hengchun nightlife with some tipsy cocktail tasting.

Open:12:00-18:00 Closed on T ue.
Add:屏東縣恆春鎮文化路155 號

Add:No. 155, Wenhua Rd., Hengchun Township,Pingtung County, Taiwan



Tai Wu Elementary School Slate House

泰武鄉從日治時期便開始種植咖啡,每一顆飽滿圓潤的咖啡豆,自產烘培,現磨現煮,咖啡香氣立刻四溢。在體驗烘豆DIY 的同時,也可以感受原住民朋友的好客熱情。

Villagers in the Taiwu Township have been growing coffee since the period of Japanese rule. Each ripe coffee cherry is handpicked and roasted locally, suffusing the entire space with the fragrant aroma of freshly ground and brewed coffee. Apart from offering a delightful DIY coffee roasting experience, visitors can also enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the local indigenous people.

( 請先電話確認Please confirm by phone first)
Add :屏東縣泰武鄉泰武村阿夫魯岸路1 號

Add :No. 1, Afulu’an Rd., Taiwu Township,Pingtung County, Taiwan


屏東原鄉種植咖啡豆的歷史,可上溯至日據時代,1902 年日本政府在恆春設立熱帶植物殖育場(今林業試驗所恆春研究中心)開始咖啡栽種試驗,可以說第一株原生種咖啡樹就在屏東,此後至1929 年間展開臺灣各地的咖啡試種。

屏東咖啡大多種植於中央山脈的大武山系,也就是集中在屏東縣東側的原住民鄉山區- 三地門鄉、霧臺鄉、瑪家鄉、泰武鄉、來義鄉、春日鄉、獅子鄉。由於不同土壤、不同氣候等微地形影響,生長出的咖啡豆也各具有獨特的風味。

The history of coffee bean cultivation in Pingtung County dates back to the Japanese occupation of the island. It was in 1902 when the visiting government founded the Hengchun Tropical Botanical Gardens (today the Hengchun Research Center of the Taiwan Forestry Research institute) and started experimenting with growing coffee. The very first coffee tree in Taiwan was thus planted right here in Pingtung, after which cultivation continued to spread to other regions in Taiwan up until 1929.

In recent years, Pingtung coffee has mainly been grown at the Dawu section of the Central Mountain Range, situated in the east of Pingtung county and incorporating the traditionally aboriginal-inhabited townships of Sandimen, Wutai, Majia, Taiwu, Liayi, Chunri, and Shizi. Despite their proximity, variations in soil type,climate and topography ensure that coffee beans produced in each of these areas boasts their own unique taste and aroma.


Tourism Brochure of Pingtung