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Environmental Education Tourism

Fresh experience of the earth, wind, water and ecology.

There are many food and souvenir shops, all of which have created different tourism methods. With the unique geographical conditions and the breeding of good mountains and rivers, as well as scenery, food, and special folk customs and culture, it leads tourists to travel all over Pingtung's diverse tourism methods and environmental education facilities in Pingtung. Tourists can follow the pace of environmental education itineraries to inspire care and respect for nature, feel the importance of environmental education, coexist with nature, and transform knowledge and values ​​into actions, to maintain the sustainability of the ecological environment.

※ Environmental Education Facilities

The definition of environmental education facilities refers to the space, field, installation with equipment with rich ecological resources. Besides, humanistic and natural characteristics integrate environmental education professional manpower, a curriculum plan and operation management to provide environmental education professional services. It’s certified by the Environmental Protection Agency as an environmental education facility within the prefecture.

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Hengchun Ecological Farm

Hengchun Ecological Farm is an organic ecological farm with an altitude of 100 meters and a total area of ​​about 48 hectares. In the early days, the business model mainly focused on the conservation of cattle and sheep ecology, and then gradually developed into a combination of leisure and sightseeing, accommodation and recreation and ecology. Nursing's compound farm is an excellent place to experience rural life.

Although Hengchun Ecological Farm sits on the splendid scenery of Hengchun Peninsula, the scenic spots planned by the farm itself are characteristics of Hengduo. If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery at the foot of the mountain, there is a sun-holding pavilion here. Imagine being surrounded by the sun, and the beauty of poetic and picturesque will suddenly arise in your mind. If you want to appreciate the strange rocks, you don't have to go far around the sea cliffs of the Hengchun Peninsula. The strange rocks and rocks here are enough to think about for an afternoon; if you want to appreciate the beauty of soft water, there is a cloud-stopping pool here, where even the clouds come, and the tranquility of the scenery can be imagined.


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Shuangliu Nature Education Center

Shuangliu Nature Education Center is a medium between man and nature, where everyone can communicate with nature and others in an open and respectful way. Happy learning in nature can cultivate children's teamwork, creative thinking and sense of responsibility for the environment. Through the learning courses of guidance, exploration and experience, it can arouse people's care and love for nature, and then transform it into the action force of ecological conservation.

Integrating the resources of local partners with a positive attitude can enrich the intrinsic value and echo the purpose and goals of Shuangliu Nature Education Center. Shuangliu Nature Education Center is an important and unique nature learning base in southern Taiwan, which can accelerate the implementation of ecological conservation and environmental education goals.


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Kenting National Park

Kenting National Park was established in September 1982, and the Kenting National Park Management Office was established in January 1984. It is the first national park established in the country. It faces the sea on three sides. Moreover, it is one of the few national parks in the country that covers both land and sea. The sea area is 15,206.09 hectares, and the land area is 18,083.50 hectares, totaling 33,289.59 hectares.

the land and the ocean are mutually eroded, creating unique geographical landscapes such as high-level coral reefs, sea erosion terrain, and cliff topography in this area. The special sea and land location and the catalysis of the tropical climate give birth to a rich and changeable ecological appearance. The plant community in the coastal forest belt is especially rare. Every year, a large number of migratory birds fly from the north to spend the winter, and the number is a spectacle. The coral landscape is even more colorful and gorgeous, adding a unique look to the Kenting National Park.


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National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium

The "National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium" is expanding into all-round areas such as community, entertainment, and internationality. It is a museum located between mountains and rivers. The overall planning concept is mainly to show the spirit and characteristics of "water".With low density the architectural development of the building, dispersing buildings with different functions and connecting them with walkways, maintains a harmonious relationship with the original natural environment.

Combining aquarium and full digital imaging, the "World Aquarium" covering global waters and ancient oceans will be introduced. Four major themes: ancient oceans, seaweed forests, deep-sea waters, and polar waters, will be displayed through the integration of cutting-edge technologies. It enables the visitors to achieve an entertaining and educational visit experience in the context of the combination of virtual and physical.

The "National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium" will not only become a premier museum at the international level, but also write the most dazzling chapter for the Republic of China in trans-century marine education, research and exhibition.

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