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Top 10 Accommodations

In addition to enjoying the scenery and tasting delicious food, it is more important to have a comfortable and safe place to stay. The Pingtung County Government voted the top ten excellent hotels, providing you with better choices when you travel. ​In addition, you can find more options from the Taiwan Travel and Accommodation Network to meet your travel and accommodation needs.


Extreme Homestay

In the past three years, Extreme Homestay has carefully considered the use of environmentally friendly green energy in every corner. In every aspect of the luxurious equipment, maintaining the warm feeling of home with the most enthusiasm and thoughtfulness is the true meaning of homestay.

Extreme Homestay traits and room types:

Dusk Double Room → Spacious white room, embellished with romantic pink and purple clouds, a special floating bed frame, flicking the gauze curtain, as if standing on the clouds.

Stroll Quadruple Room→ create a simple green atmosphere, and the oversized balcony is a good place to chat and relax.

VIP Quadruple Room→Exclusive stairs go up to open the modern design style, red and black with a playful, spacious and yuppie design space, enjoy a comfortable and top-level island trip.

Beach Sextuple Room → Refreshing blue sky and white clouds, sandy beach, coconut trees extend the sea situation, considerate toilet design, independent space design. It can also be used conveniently when traveling with many people.

Extreme Homestay



Bonjour Bébé

"BonjourBebe B&B" is located on the hills of Guanshan, overlooking the Hengchun Rift Valley, Dajian Mountain, and Dashan Mother Mountain with a wide field of vision. The park is planted with various tree species and is rich in ecology. It is a place suitable for relaxation and rest.

The appearance of the building is like a southern French manor. It uses green building techniques, high interior ceilings and large floor-to-ceiling windows to allow the air to flow naturally in the house. Many creative and design handmade furniture and interior paintings are displayed by the owner.They are all made by the owner using the traditional and complicated tenon method. Each piece exudes a unique log fragrance, creating a rustic feel and homestay.

In addition to the parent-child toys in the attic space, the rooms are furnished in a simple style, showing light and gentle colors. Each room has a terrace and a natural sulfur spring water bath. The vegetable garden, courtyard and various facilities allow children to have fun. There is a daily freshly prepared breakfast, with the cooperation of its own organic vegetables and local small farmers, to provide the freshest food, so that travelers from all over the world can release their minds comfortably and freely.





True-FDs Inn

Located at No. 153, Zhongshan Road, Ryukyu Township, when you walk into True FDs Inn, you will be greeted by the realistic sea turtles on the wall and the woodcut door number "Haoguisu" hanging on the wall. The hotel uses environmentally friendly building materials, provides environmentally friendly shower gel and shampoo, and does not provide disposable toiletry consumables.

In addition, the design of the room types all cover the concept of ecological environmental protection:

Culture - Xiaoliuqiu quadruple room, the island shape of Xiaoliuqiu is formed by the old place names of Xiaoliuqiu. Ecology - Hermit Crab Quadruple Room, with writing on the wall: "Leave nothing but footprints... Don't take anything away except photography."

Environmental protection - Ocean Super Double Room, the Ocean Volunteer Team regularly cleans up marine debris and jointly maintains the marine ecology.

The accommodation is accompanied by an ecological guided tour to help everyone understand the culture of Xiaoliuqiu and awaken the importance of environmental protection awareness. Our strength is small, but we hope that our friends who come here can maintain the land that nurtured our growth, transform it into great energy, and protect the precious island of Xiaoliuqiu.

True-FDs Inn




The Tree Bed and Breakfast

Looking ahead from a tree, from Beihengchun, Nanwan, Kenting, Chuanfanshi to Eluanbi Lighthouse, the scenery of mountains and seas is unobstructed. In the morning, you can overlook the scenery of the East Peninsula, accompanied by the sunrise. In the evening, after the parent-child activities on the big turf in the homestay, you can walk from the Guanshan Mausoleum Line to taste the local snacks, or enjoy the view in a wide field which is top 10 sunsets in the world by CNN.

There are 7 rooms planned by The Tree B&B: 4 double rooms, 2 quadruple rooms, and 1 triple room. Each room has different names and interior decorations, but they are all made of Taiwan cypress, beech or camphor wood. Wait for the driftwood to be arranged, and the movable furniture will not leave the matters to others. The Lanxue, Qingfeng, and Huangyang rooms are located on the 1st floor. They seek to combine the semi-outdoor space outside the room with the large grass, so as to provide more activity space for visiting children. Shandian, Xiacheng, Zichan, and Honggui are rooms with better views on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

In addition to homemade bread and jam combined with seasonal vegetables to form a healthy breakfast, the most important thing for our daily fresh breakfast is the taste of mother's cooking.

The original intention in our design was to take handcrafted movable furniture as the main shaft, combined with mother's handmade patchwork as the side field, it feels like a home here. . Each hand-crafted piece of furniture on display goes through constant practice, growing from failure, learning lessons, and constantly improving the accuracy and uniqueness of each piece. It is my honor and pride to be able to tell visitors about the wonderful process.

The Tree Bed and Breakfast




Amrita Green Retreat

Architectural space, interior design, and courtyard installation art are all supervised by the owner and his wife. The male owner builds the homestay and has obtained water, electricity and carpentry licenses. The female owner designs dyeing cloth, hand-painted murals, and space art decoration. The room is warm, simple, elegant and comfortable. The bamboo and iris room is a quadruple suite. Under the background of artistic pictures, it seems to be in the Nordic style of the Baroque period.

The lupine pine house is based on the creative design of the old wood Taiwanese cypress to recreate new life, and reproduces the retro atmosphere of the natural forest. The appearance of the homestay is a model building imitating water, and the roof is covered with solar panels to generate electricity. It is an environmental education field for green energy output value. The overall design is oriented towards the four major directions of green buildings, integrating the environmental protection concepts of ecology, energy saving, waste reduction and health.

Amrita Green Retreat




Bora Bora Bed & Breakfast

The room types of "Bora Bora B&B" include double rooms, quadruple rooms and sextuple rooms, with the style based on the design concept of Nanyang style.

The secluded courtyard is combined with plant landscaping, giving it a different style from other Kenting B&Bs. In addition, there are Japanese-style double rooms, quadruple rooms and sextuple rooms specially prepared for children, so that children can sleep peacefully.

The hotel provides a large parking lot so that guests do not have to worry about the safety and parking problems of their vehicles.

The restaurant in the dining area on the first floor is very spacious and stylish. It can accommodate about 20 people at the same time. Here, you can taste the delicious breakfast made by the owner of the homestay every day. Happiness starts from the rich main meal, salad, and fruit!

Bora Bora Bed & Breakfast




Toutsu Gyoen

The appearance of the homestay and the design of the guest rooms, which were taken from the reference of the essentials of local home design in Japan, are based on the experience of the homestay owner who has studied and lived in Japan.

Room type introduction: Japanese-style double room: It is a pure Japanese-style design. A large number of grilles are used to distinguish the internal and external moving lines. Besides, double single Japanese-style mattresses are used on tatami mats to create a strong Japanese-style accommodation experience.

Western-style double room: It adopts a modern Japanese style design. Using grilles to distinguish the internal and external moving lines. The couch area is designed as a large bed. The head of it is supplemented with a large number of grille elements to create a sense of Japanese style.

Japanese-style triple room: It is a pure Japanese-style design, supplemented by a sloping roof, embellished with grille elements. Moreover, the couch area is a Japanese-style mattress dominated by tatami.

Japanese-style family room for six people: It adopts the design of one living room and one room. The couch area is laid with a large area of ​​tatami. A total of six Japanese-style mattresses are laid on the top to provide multi-member family travel and rest.

Toutsu Gyoen




Moon Star Villa

The owner of the hotel went to Spain for a tourist inspection. After returning to China, he and his sister carefully planned and created this unique "Xingyue". However, the sister is not a designer, and many things were scattered.


Fortunately, they hire a designer from Wangzhen and told him the idea. After many discussions, the room uses many warm but bold colors. When you enter the room, you will feel like you are in an exotic star and moon. The appearance is special and cannot be completed by ordinary construction methods. After watching the film Life of Pi, the innkeeper was deeply impressed by the specificity of the work, especially the feeling of its fantasy floating.


Therefore, the film art team was specially hired to complete it, and the appearance uses the GRC construction method (cement + glass fiber + steel). The hotel is located on Liuqiu Old Street. Moreover, the dazzling goose-yellow houses are unique among the old streets. As soon as you enter the hotel lobby, you will be greeted by the brightly-colored starry stained glass, the sun-like main lamp as well mosaic floor tiles, and the aisle covered with small flowers. Don't they make you feel as if you are walking into a fantasy world?

Moon Star Villa




Discovery Secret B&B

Moored in the Qifeng village beside Dapeng Bay, in the hidden alleys, there is a big ship full of dreams – the Discovery.


As the name suggests, this big ship is full of surprises. It is located in the simple countryside and has unparalleled beauty. The adjacent coastline and the continuous Dawu Mountain have a panoramic view of the mountains and seas. The unique, conservative and bold design makes people feel like they are on a sailing ship. The thick walls are covered with silver-gray paint, and the dim yellow light renders the entire hall. The ingenious furnishings are even more impressive.


A friendly, energetic and professional group of butlers leads every sailor who is working hard for their dreams, through the sturdy hatch, which is a small world for sailors to sleep in the peace of mind. The comfortable and clean beds bring sailors the motivation to move forward.


When you wake up, you will be greeted by a warm smile and the smell of bread. The freshly made breakfast is full of color, aroma and taste, providing sailors with a source of vitality all day long. The comfortable and safe sailing is worth experiencing.

Discovery Secret B&B




Amanda Hotel

On Nanwan Road of Kenting, you will see a Moroccan palace-themed homestay, with brick-red sandstone exterior walls, carved arches, columns, scepter lights running through the corridor, and a patio designed with revolving hanging copper lights in the atrium, showing the meaning of Morocco's red city.

Entering the lobby, a little princess dressed in Middle Eastern costumes will check-in for you and offer you a warm welcome with Middle Eastern tea and dates. There are all kinds of Middle Eastern costumes for guests to experience so that you can experience the Moroccan holiday style in North Africa without going abroad.

Entering the lobby, a little princess dressed in Middle Eastern costumes will check-in for you and offer you a warm welcome with Middle Eastern tea and dates. There are all kinds of Middle Eastern costumes for guests to experience so that you can experience the Moroccan holiday style in North Africa without going abroad.

The room features the magnificent city of roses and the sea-like pearl sea. The Moroccan copper lamps hanging in the guest rooms create beautiful lights, and special techniques are used to smudge the walls of rose-purple, coral gray, and old teak wood inlaid with pearl shells. Vintage furniture includes dry and wet separation of the bathroom, hand-made the hand-washing bowl with white marble, terrazzo bathtub, Italian Venetian mirror...etc.


In 2016, it also passed the certification of Muslim-friendly hospitality by the Chinese Islamic Association.

 Amanda Hotel




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